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Events at Mason

Fairfax and Arlington

All space for events in Fairfax and Arlington must be requested through 25Live. Any event that does not follow the necessary scheduling procedures is subject to cancellation or other penalties.

Events Management, Fairfax
University Hall, Room 2600
703 993-2853
Events Management, Arlington
Founders Hall, Room

Prince William

Availability of space on the Prince William campus can be viewed in 25Live. To request space for events at Prince William, please go to the Prince William Event Scheduling page.

Events Coordinator, Prince William
Occoquan Building, Room 217

Academic-related Events

University classrooms can be requested through 25Live. Requests will be accepted and processed after last day to add classes. Only requests for Saturday and Sunday may be processed in advance. For detailed information, please go to the Classroom Reservation page.

Academic Scheduling Office
(703) 993-2432

Upcoming Events