25Live FAQ

University Information, University Events, and Digital Communications are working with various partners across the university to update the university calendar. The calendar will be populated by entries from 25Live.

The calendar will allow any viewer, from internal or external to Mason, to see events that are open to particular audience types (Alumni, Community, Current Students, Faculty/Staff, Prospective Students). This allows an ease to share information for all audiences to engage with events connected to George Mason University.

For events and trainings to appear on the Event Calendar, a request should be submitted on 25Live directly from a campus department/college/school or recognized student organization.

REMEMBER: Think from the calendar user’s perspective. Pretend that if you are brand new to Mason and/or from the outside community and are planning on attending an event you should be able to find out all of the information you need from a calendar entry (i.e. what the event is, where it is taking place, what day, what time, cost, who to contact with questions, etc.)

Information submitted should include

  • Title – Descriptive, yet short
  • An event description – It does not need to be lengthy. Do you understand what the event is? It is recommended, but not restricted that event descriptions do not exceed two paragraphs of more than 50 words each – for a rough total of 100 words.
    • Note: CVPA events are being edited by the CVPA marketing staff. For now, please do not edit for length.

Event Descriptions should follow Mason brand guidelines, for example:

  • Correct spelling and proper grammar. To highlight:
    • No words in all capital letters
    • No “th”, “st”, etc. after numbers
    • Time format must be: (example) 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. (if in a list) or 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (if in a line of text)
    • Price information:
      • Fees should be written as a dollar sign and amount (i.e. $20), with no decimal point. There is no need to include decimal points unless the fee is $20.25 or $20.50, for example
      • If an event has multiple prices, list as follows: $40, $35, $25. Prices should be listed in descending order
      • Events should only be listed as Free when that is clearly stated
    • If the event space is not listed in 25Live (e.g. is off-campus or in multiple locations), the event description must include the physical location where the event is held or the main registration/welcome area for the event.
    • Location format must be: Building, Room 123
      • The word “campus” is lower case unless connected to Fairfax, Arlington, or Science and Technology (e.g. “Arlington Campus” or “Science and Technology Campus”).
      • Off-campus events should be listed as location and city/town (e.g. Nationals Park, Washington, DC) *only Mason-affiliated or Mason-sponsored off-campus events should be listed.
    • Avoid acronyms, unless introduced. For example, an event description includes, “The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM)…”, then later in the description uses “OCM” is fine. However, an acronym should not be used without describing what it is first.
      • “School of Business” should never be “SOB”
      • “Mason” is the short version of saying “George Mason University”. “GMU” is not allowed inside descriptions. The exception is some entities have “GMU” in the title of their organization (e.g. GMU Baha’I Student Association – there are very few. Please confirm doing a search on gmu.edu).
      • “SciTech” is only used for the “Science and Technology Campus” when space is limited.
    • “George Mason University” receives all capital letters, but the word “university” alone is not capitalized.
    • Any stated websites should have a clickable link.
    • Delete uses of the word, “please”.
    • It is recommended that contact information is listed at the bottom of an event description (e.g. Philip Stamper, University Information, 703-993-5308, pstamper@gmu.edu) when possible or requested. (Note: we are working in the system to more clearly identify who to contact)
      • Either a contact organization/office/department/ or a person’s name (a specific name is not required, but a specific organization/office/department is)
      • Phone numbers are required and should be entered at 703-993-1000, not (703) 993-1000.
      • An e-mail address must be listed

University Information determines if an event or training meets the stated criteria, and reserves the editorial rights on all content submitted. Should your event or training need to be edited, we will make the edits for posting, unless more information is needed.

University Information actively reviews various sources for events and trainings that are sponsored orco-sponsored by, as well as larger hosted events at Mason, and posts these events and trainings.

If more information is needed, we will contact the sponsoring/requesting entity directly.

If you would like to adjust your event’s description or title, hide the event from the calendar, or would like to make it viewable.

Example: 2013-AAUDKS

Each event in 25Live is assigned an event reference number that is specific to your event.  The event reference number is located on your event confirmation as well as the subject line of the email you received with your attached event confirmation.

Given the tremendous amount of events in the system it is much easier for us to identify your event by the event reference number.  Please keep note of it, and refer to it in email or phone conversations with your event scheduler.

Example of Event Reference Number

It may be that the location you are trying to request is unavailable on the date/time that you are requesting.  Also, while all locations are in 25Live, not all locations are available to request by all users as some locations require special approvals or accommodations.  Email series25@gmu.edu to obtain more specific information.

25Live is a complex online system that searches thousands of events and locations to deliver the most accurate information in real time and can be accessed by hundreds of people at one time.  System performance can vary based on a number of factors such as the speed of your network connection, available bandwidth, and the number of users on the system.

Also, the browser used to access 25Live can also affect its performance.  We strongly recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.  We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as it runs 25Live significantly slower.

With every new release, performance enhancements and adjustments are being made to improve the system.

To cancel your event, email your event scheduler.

A calendar for your website can be created from events in 25Live.  The 25Live Publisher tool can be used to set up and format calendars and generate the code used to publish the calendars to specified locations on your unit’s website.  Please email series25@gmu.edu for more details.

For some examples, please go to our published calendars page.

Specific university classrooms cannot be requested. You may only request a type of classroom.

  • Select the Event Wizard Tab
  • In the Event Locations section, search for “Classrooms”.
  • From the list, select the appropriate type and campus location of classroom (i.e. CLASSROOM (FAIRFAX): TECHNOLOGY).
  • In the Comments section, indicate any building or room preference.

For course-related events, you must also fill out the following sections:

  • In the Categories section, select “Course-Related Event”
  • In the Event Attributes section, indicate the specific course(s) and CRN in the appropriate section.

**All required sections must be filled out before the event can be saved and processed. **

Once a classroom has been assigned, you will receive an email confirmation with the specific location.

In order to gain access to 25Live, you must request a new user account and attend a training session:

  • Faculty or Staff: Request a 25Live account by completing the 25Live New User Request Form.
  • Students: If you have not taken the mandatory RSO training please email RSO@gmu.edu to sign up for the next available class. PLEASE NOTE: You must be a registered student organizations to request a 25Live account. Please contact Student Involvement for more information.


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