25Live FAQ

How do I access 25Live?

In order to gain access to 25Live, you must request a new user account and attend a training session: Faculty or Staff: Request a 25Live account by completing the 25Live New User Request Form. Students: If you have not taken the mandatory RSO … Continue reading

How do I get my event on Today@Mason?

University Information, University Events, and Digital Communications are working with various partners across the university to update the university calendar. The calendar will be populated by entries from 25Live. The calendar will allow any viewer, from internal or external to … Continue reading

Why does 25Live run and/or load so slowly?

25Live is a complex online system that searches thousands of events and locations to deliver the most accurate information in real time and can be accessed by hundreds of people at one time.  System performance can vary based on a number … Continue reading

What is an event reference number? Where can I find it?

Example: 2013-AAUDKS Each event in 25Live is assigned an event reference number that is specific to your event.  The event reference number is located on your event confirmation as well as the subject line of the email you received with … Continue reading

Why can’t I find a location in 25Live?

It may be that the location you are trying to request is unavailable on the date/time that you are requesting.  Also, while all locations are in 25Live, not all locations are available to request by all users as some locations … Continue reading

How do I request a university classroom?

Specific university classrooms cannot be requested. You may only request a type of classroom. Select the Event Wizard Tab In the Event Locations section, search for “Classrooms”. From the list, select the appropriate type and campus location of classroom (i.e. … Continue reading

Why can’t I cancel my event?

To cancel your event, email your event scheduler.

How do I get a published calendar?

A calendar for your website can be created from events in 25Live.  The 25Live Publisher tool can be used to set up and format calendars and generate the code used to publish the calendars to specified locations on your unit’s website.  Please email series25@gmu.edu for … Continue reading

25Live Training


25Live Quick Guide
Overview of navigating and customizing 25Live

Requesting Events in 25Live 
Step-by-step instructions on how to request events in 25Live

Building Codes
List of codes for buildings with the campus location

Published Calendars
List of sample calendar feeds

25Live Release Information
List of the current upgrades

R25 Gateway
Link to client version of software